The answer is because those promoting “common-sense gun reform” have a limited knowledge of the very thing they want to legislate and use emotions to push their agenda.  This causes those opposed to gun control to completely tune them out eliminating all possibility of discussion, compromise and/or progress. The latest shooting occurred in Boulder, Colorado.  Current laws in Colorado include universal background checks, a large capacity magazine ban and a “red flag” law that allows weapons to be temporarily seized from those deemed an extreme risk.  Unfortunately, these laws did not stop a convicted criminal with potential mental health issues from killing 10 people includingRead More →

I wrote a series of posts related the the current gun control debates across the country.  I provided my thoughts about the Parkland Shooting in the introduction.  Then in an attempt to educate, I provided a list of “Myths”.  In these “Myths”, I take common arguments which I hear, and debunk them.  My intention in doing this is to eliminate loser arguments so we can focus on topics where meaningful reform can be discussed and perhaps changes can be made.  In the final post, I highlight areas that I feel represent potential “common  sense” reforms that can get support from all sides. The following are linksRead More →

So if “their side” stopped tilting at windmills (Assault Weapons, High Capacity Magazines, Banning Guns, etc.) and focused on issues that make sense and are achievable, is there common ground between “us” and “them”?  Absolutely. It starts with background checks.  As stated in Myth 6, 74% of NRA members support more background checks.   I have seen numbers showing around 96% of the population supports it.  I have also seen numbers that show 77% to 97% of gun owners support expanding background checks.  So why is’t this being addressed?  Well it is to a small degree.  The “Fix NICS Act” is getting a lot of tractionRead More →

The problem with statistics is that you can always find ones that fit your narrative, especially if you play with how they are presented.  I am not going to attack or defend any of the numbers directly.  I just hope you dig deeper rather than accept anyone’s numbers at face value.  A couple of examples: The number of gun deaths (38,658 in 2016 per CDC which is similar to automobile deaths at 40k), yet they don’t take out suicides. In my opinion if someone uses a gun to commit suicide, they are determined to die, not crying for help.  Just like in previous myths, ifRead More →

If you believe this, you have been watching too many movies.  First, let’s call them suppressors, not silencers. The suppress the sound, they do not silence it. A 9mm handgun is usually around 160 decibels (db).  Adding a suppressor reduces it to around 120db. For comparative purposes, a lawn mower is around 100db.  A car horn is around 110db.  Is that silent?  Not even close.  Widespread use would reduce the amount of hearing damage caused by firearms.  It would not turn criminals into silent assassins. Can you make a gun silent with a suppressor?  Kind of.  If you take a low powered cartridge like a .22Read More →

Nope.  They are covered under the National Firearms Act (NFA).  Suppressors (or incorrectly “Silencers”), machineguns, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, destructive devices, etc. are all legal to own on a federal level as long as you pay for a special tax stamp and jump through a few hoops.  Over half the states in the nation have no additional requirements.  Some states require registration.  Some states add restrictions that make these items very difficult to obtain.Read More →

How many NRA members have been involved in mass shootings? There have been over 100 mass shootings, but I can’t find one committed by an NRA member.  Are NRA members opposed to more background checks?  Nope.  They are supported by 74% of NRA members. ( While gun makers do contribute to the NRA, money for supporting candidates with values in line with the NRA members comes from the NRA’s Political Action Committee.  These funds are from individuals with a maximum allowed contribution of $5,000 per year.  None of the top donors are related to firearms makers. ( They do spend money on advertising of aRead More →

Banning Assault Weapons is like tilting at windmills for several reasons. What is an “Assault Weapon”?  One of the most popular “Assault Weapons” is the AR-15.  This is the civilian version of the military’s M4 Carbine.  The primary difference between the AR-15 and the M4 is that the AR-15 is sold as semi-automatic only.  Meaning when you pull the trigger once, one bullet is fired and one new cartridge is automatically loaded so it is ready to fire with the next trigger pull.  The M4 has a selector which allows the rifle to fire as a semi-automatic, a burst fire automatic (pull the trigger once andRead More →

First, I have a problem with the term “High Capacity Magazines”.  The standard capacity of most 9mm handguns, which are the most popular, is 14 to 17 rounds.  In the case of handgun like the Glock 17, you can buy 33 round magazines.  Since they exceed the standard capacity, I would consider them high capacity magazines.  However, somehow the media characterizes any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds as a high capacity magazine.  That means the standard capacity of the majority of semi-automatic handguns exceeds the definition.  It seems crazy to me. Semantics aside, let’s look at limiting a magazine from 15 rounds to 10. Read More →

The problem with this theory is that people have been killing each other since long before guns were invented. Also, I can put a loaded gun on a table.  As long as no one touches it, it cannot kill someone. I know people hate defining guns as tools, but that is exactly what they are and blaming guns for violence is like blaming forks for obesity.  Not convinced? Look at: Boston Marathon Bombing: 3 dead, hundreds injured including 16 who lost limbs. Oklahoma City Bombing: 168 dead, hundreds injured. New York City Truck Attack: eight dead, twelve injured. Nice, France 2016 Truck Attack:  86 dead, 456 injured. 2014Read More →