Myth 6 – The NRA is the problem and it’s funded by gun makers

How many NRA members have been involved in mass shootings? There have been over 100 mass shootings, but I can’t find one committed by an NRA member.  Are NRA members opposed to more background checks?  Nope.  They are supported by 74% of NRA members. (

While gun makers do contribute to the NRA, money for supporting candidates with values in line with the NRA members comes from the NRA’s Political Action Committee.  These funds are from individuals with a maximum allowed contribution of $5,000 per year.  None of the top donors are related to firearms makers. (

They do spend money on advertising of a political nature and some of that money does come from gun makers, but the money is also spent promoting gun safety ( and shooting sports (  The NRA also spends money on gun rights lawsuits and the NRA provides training to both firearms instructors and individuals who promote gun safety and responsible gun ownership.

The NRA is an association.  Do I agree with everything the NRA does?  Nope.  In fact sometimes they make me very angry, but I know that overall they have been successful in defending my right to bear arms, so they have my full support as an Endowment level Life member.