About Eric Exton – Owner/Instructor:

After 24 years with my former company, I decided it was time for a change. I have enjoyed firearms since I a child and I have owned dozens of firearms. It is time to make money doing what I enjoy doing. I am excited to sell new firearms and perform transfers, but I am really looking forward to dealing in used firearms and performing training. Many of the coolest guns I have bought and shot were used. I look forward to sharing these guns with you. I am also excited to share my broad knowledge of firearms with you in a one on one setting where I can tailor the material to your needs and we can progress at your speed. No need to worry about being embarrassed by asking a “stupid question” in class of dozens of people. In a one on one environment, the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.


  • Four decades of firearm use including marksmanship, reloading, training, rifles, pistols, etc.
  • NRA Instructor in Rifle, Pistol, and Personal Defense in the Home
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
  • Certified and Trained by the Texas Department of Public Safety as a Concealed Carry Instructor (Same facility and the same instructors as used for State Trooper training)
  • The Law of Self Defense course focusing on the use of deadly force including Michigan specific laws by Andrew F. Branca, Esq., the foremost expert in U.S. self defense law across all 50 states.



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