Myth 3 – Getting rid of guns will stop the violence and guns kill people

The problem with this theory is that people have been killing each other since long before guns were invented. Also, I can put a loaded gun on a table.  As long as no one touches it, it cannot kill someone. I know people hate defining guns as tools, but that is exactly what they are and blaming guns for violence is like blaming forks for obesity.  Not convinced?

Look at:

  • Boston Marathon Bombing: 3 dead, hundreds injured including 16 who lost limbs.
  • Oklahoma City Bombing: 168 dead, hundreds injured.
  • New York City Truck Attack: eight dead, twelve injured.
  • Nice, France 2016 Truck Attack:  86 dead, 456 injured.
  • 2014 Kunming Knife Attack:  31 dead, 140 injured.
  • September 11 Attacks: 2,996 dead, over 6,000 injured.

Lots of death.  No guns.  Get it?  Anyone can learn how to make pipe and fertilizer bombs on the internet.  You can take one tool away, there are plenty more to be used.  If someone is determined to kill others and a gun is not available, they will use another method.  We need to address why people want to kill other people if true progress is to be made.