Simple answer: We put a laser in your firearm that activates when the trigger is pulled.  We have a computer and camera scan for the laser and record where it hits.  We can combine this with a projector for an amazing shooting environment and interactive targets.   More details: We can use a simulation weapon that only fires a laser like this one: Even better though, we can add a laser to your firearm (or one of ours).  So you pull the trigger of your gun and it fires a laser. We can set up any real target and then use a computer and camera toRead More →

So, you bought a new handgun and you have been going to the range and practicing.  Now you are shooting something like this: A)  You are not alone.  When I go to a range, I’d guess over half the people shoot targets like the one above.  With practice, a maybe another 30% shoot like this: B)  Pretty good, right?  Maybe…maybe not.  It is definitely better, but it really depends on how many bad habits you are reinforcing, which will prevent progression and improvement. Looking around the range, very few people shoot like this:   C)  or this: D)  And really, even those can be improved on. ItRead More →

It’s a case of THEM vs US. Them: Training happens in a classroom environment with many students. Us: Training happens in our office or your home in a one on one environment. Them: Training happens based on standardized content.  If you already understand the content, you will still spend a half hour “learning” it.  If you need more time with a subject…too bad. Us: Each topic is taught at your level.  If you understand it, we move on.  If you don’t, we make sure you do. Them: Since their course is designed to fill the prescribed time, it will take the prescribed time. US: IfRead More →