Why is our training better?

It’s a case of THEM vs US.

Them: Training happens in a classroom environment with many students.
Us: Training happens in our office or your home in a one on one environment.

Them: Training happens based on standardized content.  If you already understand the content, you will still spend a half hour “learning” it.  If you need more time with a subject…too bad.
Us: Each topic is taught at your level.  If you understand it, we move on.  If you don’t, we make sure you do.

Them: Since their course is designed to fill the prescribed time, it will take the prescribed time.
US: If we complete the content early and there is no minimum time, you can choose to end early or you can choose to cover additional material.

Them: When they are done teaching, the class ends. A four hour class is a four hour class.
Us: The class ends when you have achieved the objectives.   If it takes more than four hours,we spend more than four hours.

Them: Training happens based on watching videos and listening to lectures about topics like loading and unloading firearms.
Us: You will actually load and unload firearms using simulation cartridges.

Them: Training involves showing you how to use a firearm.
Us: You will use an actual firearm in a laser simulation environment.

Them: Depending on the course you will be taken to a shooting range where you will shoot at a target at a set distance with a set number of shots.  When you’re done, you’re done.
Us: You will still shoot at required distances and shoot the required number of shots, but you will receive instruction as you shoot and you are only done, when we are both satisfied with your progress.

So you have a choice when it comes to training.  We hope you choose US!