Instruction – Classroom and/or simulation




Perfect to cover topics not applicable to a range including:

  1. Concealed carry. What gun?  What caliber/cartridge? What holster? What method of concealment/carry?  What are the advantages/disadvantages?
  2. What firearm should I purchase?  Lets look at what the primary intended use (Concealed carry, Self defense, Home Defense, Target, Plinking, etc.)  What are you secondary uses?  What type of firearm is appropriate?  What caliber/cartridge? What style?  Where can you get the best prices?
  3. Simulation.  Whether it is improving accuracy using bullseye type targets, improving speed using reactive steel targets, or practicing draw and fire…simulation offers a great environment.  No distractions like other shooters, range officers, cease fires, recoil, etc.  Much safer for practicing new techniques.  Prevents “flinching” due to recoil.  No ammo costs.  Use your own weapon or ours.

More details about simulation can be found here:


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