Firearm Transfer


Service to transfer a firearm.



Purchasing this service will allow Magic Firearms to receive a firearm on your behalf from another party including companies and individuals.  Once purchased, we will send a copy of our Federal Firearms License to the other party so they can legally ship the firearm to us.  All firearms are shipped to and stored at an off-site location in Southfield.  Once we take possession of it and log it in, we will notify you that the firearm is available for pickup.  You will have 5 days from notification to complete the transfer unless other arrangements are made.

You are agreeing to the following by purchasing this service:

  1. You are legally allowed to purchase the firearm according to state and federal laws.
  2. You will fill out the proper application (ATF Form 4473) and submit to the required FBI (NICS) background check.  No firearms will be transferred without passing a background check.
  3. If for any reason, the transaction cannot be completed within five days of notification and other arrangements have not been made, the firearm can be returned to the sender and the fee you paid will be applied to shipping costs.  You are liable for any shipping fees in excess fees paid.
  4. If for any reason, the transaction cannot be completed and the firearm cannot be returned, you consent to have us sell the firearm on your behalf and you will be given the net proceeds minus 10% of the sale price.
  5. All firearms will be picked up and all paperwork will be completed at my residence in Farmington Hills. It is my licensed “premises” and therefore the only place I can legally conduct business.
  6. All transfers are by appointment only.  Usually, appointments are 4 PM to 6:30 PM Monday through Friday, but other arrangements can be mad if needed.
  7. It is our policy that all transfers require a successful (NICS) background check.  The only exception is if you are delayed and have a CPL.  In that case, the transfer can complete after 2 weeks.

Note: In general, firearms are picked up once a day from the remote location and we try to log them in and do notifications as quickly as possible.  Some customers may be notified the same day it is received and are able to make an appointment and pick it up later that day.  Usually, you will receive a notification the next day after your firearm is received.  Sometimes there are delays between receipt and notification.  In a worst-case scenario, you may be notified that your firearm is available for pick up a couple of days after it was received at our remote facility.
Worst Case Examples:

  1. Let’s say your firearm is received by our remote location on Saturday and they notify us it is available Saturday Afternoon.  They close early on Saturday and are closed Sunday.  So, it can’t be picked up until Monday.  If the Monday pickup is in the late afternoon, it may be logged in and notifications sent on Tuesday.
  2. Let’s say your firearm is received by our remote location on Monday at 1 PM, but we already did our daily pickup at noon.  Then on Tuesday due to scheduling, your firearm is picked up at 6 PM.  We may not process it and send notifications until Wednesday.
  3. I get slammed at the job that pays my mortgage and have to put in a couple of 12-hour days so I can’t make it to pick up the firearm…


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